Wonderful day at West Witterings beach

One day I felt a bit down and my lovely husband took me to a place where everything seems better – he took me to the beach. The area of Chichester where we live is not a big place but there are plenty of places I’ve never been to, and what is truly amazing is there are plenty of places of which still are waiting to be discovered!

So, that sunny day we went to Wittering beach. This beautiful place is so popular that in summer you’d spend hours in traffic to get there.

But January is not summer (surprise!) so in 15 minutes we appeared among wonderful views near Chichester harbour.

Little colourful houses are available to buy or rent. Or, if you’re like me, just take some pictures with them as background!

From October to May it is permitted to walk dogs. So many dogs!

The West Wittering beach is also very popular with wind and kite surfing.

When we arrived there the tide hadn’t come in yet, that’s why we could walk on the sand which in a couple of hours it will be submerged in water.

So, that was a wonderful place where we will return not just once!






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